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Founded in 2010, SKH Sports is an independent, owner-managed agency with a focus on sponsorship sales, procurement and consulting. Based on our founder's Formula 1 background, our content expertise focuses on the interface between sport and technology. From our location in Munich, we make our know-how, network and commitment available to international rights holders from various areas of top-class sport, in particular motor sports, football and esports. In addition, we provide independent and competent advice to companies that want to make sports sponsorship part of their marketing or want to put their existing commitment to the test. In doing so, individualized support is always in the foreground in order to be able to respond precisely to the needs of our clients.


The figurative mark in form of three arrows symbolize the guiding principle of our agency.

In analogy to the fast-forward function of a recorder, the three arrows are standing for Fast Fast Forward. We set out to help our clients get where they want to go – quickly, purposefully and effectively.

Three arrows. Fast Fast Forward.



Whether it is helping to build a manufacturer-led Formula 1 team, acquiring and concluding global sponsorships, advising international companies or marketing top athletes and coaches - our wealth of experience is diverse. Our clients can draw on our broad set of competencies.



SKH Sports is managed by Erik Kolberg. The managing director has been active in sports marketing for over 25 years.

Already as a student of business administration, Erik Kolberg founded his first agency in Hamburg in 1994. In 2002, Kolberg moved to Munich to work for BMW AG in the motorsport division, where as Head of Sponsoring he was responsible for the acquisition and support of sponsoring partners for all BMW motorsport projects. He was instrumental in setting up and implementing the sponsorship strategy of the BMW Sauber F1 Team, at the time Germany's largest provider in terms of sponsorship turnover.

After BMW terminated the Formula 1 project in 2009, Erik Kolberg founded what is now SKH Sports the following year.

Kolberg, a Hamburg native who lives in Munich, is married and has two children. In his spare time, he enjoys suffering with the Hamburger Sport Verein.






Similar to our activities in sponsorship sales, we also speak with potential sponsors on behalf of the respective rights holder in sponsorship procurement. However, the structure of the cooperation is different. In the case of pure procurement, we operate within the framework of the rights owner's specified and often established sponsoring strategy and usually also take over their marketing documents for our activities.

Together with the selected rights partners, we agree on a target list of potential sponsors who are already in our network on the one hand and who have an affinity to the offered offer on the other. The determination of affinity is a very relevant creative process. Here the possible Reason Why's of the potential sponsoring partner have to be identified and converted into a targeted argumentation. This can only be achieved with the help of many years of industry knowledge and appropriate expertise. This work paper is very decisive for the success or failure of the cooperation.

The interest in a possible partnership is coordinated with the managing directors or brand managers of the companies agreed upon. We are in regular exchange with a large number of companies. The relationships of trust that have developed over the years naturally facilitate this step.

If there is a corresponding interest, a personal presentation of the offer is usually made by the rights holder, accompanied by SKH Sports. In case of a positive negotiation process, we support the final discussions and the contract closing.


We offer independent and expert advice to companies that want to include sport sponsorship in their marketing activities, put their existing commitment to the test or which are looking for a new field of activity.

Sport can be an extremely effective platform for proliferating brand names and brand messages. Whether in the stadium or on the TV - an emotive environment helps messages to be received. Sponsorship is a widely accepted, and therefore an authentic form of advertising.

Our approach starts with an extensive competition analysis in order to guarantee competitive edge.

We then identify an appropriate sponsorship environment by analysing the general relevance, the brand fit and the target group fit. Only then is the sponsorship project itself identified according to the criteria below: Media presence, brand and target group fit and, of course, budget.

Media presence is assessed on the basis of analyses conducted by renowned institutes. As a cost-saving measure, we already hold the baseline data.

To guarantee realisation, the recommended projects are specifically requested and protected with a contractual option.


We offer our know-how to companies looking for the most suitable and efficient sponsorship project.

Based on a detailed briefing, we first select the best possible platforms, e.g. sports and competitions. The fit is assessed on the basis of affinities with the client's brand, product, image and target group.

Adapted to the respective platform, we create a customer-specific catalogue of requirements, differentiated in parts according to organizers, teams and, if necessary, other rights holders such as broadcasters.

We then contact the most relevant sponsorship providers and request individualized offers prepared on behalf of the client. Their evaluation is carried out according to SKH Sports' internal parameters and the result is presented to the client in detail.

After the client's decision, we finally support the negotiations and the closing of the contract with the provider.








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